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source: EU – Japan Centre (helpdesk)

EU- Japan NewSpace2060 blog -magazine is delighted to announce an open call for the coffee table magazine for Summer 2019.

NewSpace2060 is driven by Helen Tung, Founder and Emergent Tech Advisor on Space Applications & GNSS/MINERA fellow at the EU – Japan Centre in Tokyo.

The call is to engage all EU – Japan NewSpace stakeholders, particularly startups, entrepreneurs and VCs.  The blog-magazine is dedicated to NewSpace entrepreneurs promoting their work, fostering innovation and engaging on EU – Japan collaboration. 

ELIGIBILITY:  NewSpace stakeholders, particularly starups, entrepreneurs and VCs are welcome to submit articles, interviews, pictures, photographis, online links etc.  All are welcome to submit works for consideration provided it engages the above.  All the blogs will be shared on relevant social media.  More details here: 
All blogs contributed to the Summer 2019 edition of the EU – Japan NewSpace2060 blog-magazine would be considered in the final coffee table magazine and submitted for the MINERVA report.
Deadline: 29 March 2019, 5pm JST time.


Thank you for your contribution and should you have any questions please contact


Helen Tung
Emergent Tech Advisor on space applications and GNSS
MINERVA Fellow, EU – Japan Centre
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