In the wonderful world of poetry, we express ourselves through words. And there are at times no words to describe the depth of emotions, feelings, challenges and times.

No matter how one feels, or in what state we are in, sometimes we may surprise ourselves when we express. Some feelings, thoughts, sights, sounds arise again and again because it resonates with us.

Other times it is embedded memories – past, present, future – or at times transcending time and space we may feel detached from our present moment – poetry somehow allows us to bring ourselves to the present moment.

When we are recovering from nothingless, a void like COVID19, change is inevitable and the inevitable change is known, pushing us to the limits and breaking open new grounds – vaccines, compromises, memories, relationships, challenges – how do we take on these challenges?

How do we rationalise our existence in line with all these changes?

Be it a novice or seasoned poet – I welcome you to my world of poetry.

For past works: https://living2080.art/