There is a power in words and as part of NewSpace2060, Helen travels, presents and speaks at conferences, seminars, webinars and conducts workshops for startups and businesses.

You can listen to some of the key talks here, specifically

Living on the Moon, TedxRoma, 2018

We will soon get back on the Moon, but in order to do that we will first need to work together as Planet Earth and create a united and integrated community that can organize according to its own laws and systems.

Helen Tung is the founder of New Space 2060 that deals with enhancing New Space’s ecosystem by organizing events, blogging and creating a network of support and diffusion. She works with entrepreneurs and startups from all fields, including coaching, training, pitching and strategy. Helen’s aim is to enhance New Space’s ecosystem in order for us to be able to live by 2060 as an interplanetary species engaged in interstellar travels.

Law, Ethics of AI, Robotics and Emergent Technologies, Robotex, Estonia, 2018

Liability concerns of autonomous machines, Rise of AI, Berlin, 2018

Introducing the NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition 2018

Results of International Moon Pitch competition 2018

Kyoto International Entrepreneurs

Speaking at Kyoto International Entrepreneurs meetup event – Helen Tung talks of Space entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in Japan.

source: youmatter.org

NewSpace2060 EUJapan Series, 2018-2019

Over the course of 6 months, I spent time exploring the opportunities to double the Japan Space sector and embarked on series of videos where I share my findings, observations and tips for startups interested in Japanese market – touching upon entrepreneurship, space sector, cities and ideas of how to get started.

Introduction to EU- Japan NewSpace startups Ep 1

EU – Japan Collaboration Ep 2

Doing Business in Osaka Ep 3

Kyoto, NewSpace, Arts & Fashion Ep 4

Exploring Motivation Ep 5

Visiting ICHARM Tsukuba Ep 8

Engaging a Silicon Valley mindset Ep 9

On Presence Ep 10

Exploring Toyota Ep 11

Nagoya and Entrepreneurship Ep 12

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