Venturing through a Hero’s Journey, NewSpace2060 has contributed to projects including:
– Organised two major global competitions alongside the Moon Village Association and EU- Japan Centre in promoting space;

– Empowering at least 5 major startups to fly to Space;

– Providing the initial ideas to the development of the Space Courts in UAE;

– Advising Sovereign Wealth Funds to invest in sustainable projects- Reaching out and training over 300,000 entrepreneurs & individuals across at least 30 countries through conferences, leadership seminars, workshops, conventions to empower individuals through life changing breakthrough thinking

– NewSpace2060’s next mission is empowering sustainable human space flight and interstellar travel and tourism

– Leading in the NewSpace ecosystem: Represented in the Enterprise Risk Management Committee of the International Aeronautical Federation (IAF)
  • Founding International Haiku Competition in collaboration with key stakeholders including the EU- Japan Centre with over 10 artistic judges, prizes from prominent NewSpace startups, over 140+ entries, from 40 countries
  • Curating the Moon Pitch Competition with the Moon Village Association with over 30 entries across 20 countries UNOOSA/China Space Forum
  • Leadership Co-Chair for Joint Special session Space Debris & Space Operations and Space Resources of IAF for UAE 2021