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Space Tourism – Virgin Galactic


source: Virgin Galactic

Space travel.  Space tourism.  It has been on the news and on peoples minds more recently.  And we are getting closer by the day.

Imagine traveling to space like you would travel to New York Beijing, Tokyo or Sydney?

So who would you fly with?

Virgin Galactic

If you were to look through Virgin Galatic’s website, you will see they attempt to address the key questions that we may ask in the form of purpose.  Here are some of the reasons:

  • Perspective

    Virgin Galactic recognizes that the answers to many of the challenges we face in sustaining life on our beautiful but fragile planet, lie in making better use of space.

    Sending people to space has not only expanded our understanding of science, but taught us amazing things about human ingenuity, physiology and psychology.

    From space, we are able to look with a new perspective both outward and back. From space, the borders that are fought over on Earth are arbitrary lines. From space it is clear that there is much more that unites than divides us.


  • Exploration: 

    Throughout history, the urge to see what lies just over the horizon has led us to find new places to settle, helped us identify new resources, and taught us new skills to overcome complex challenges.

    As a global community, we will grow and evolve only through continuing to explore the unknown.

    The exploration of space is the ultimate expression of the human desire to push boundaries and stands at the pinnacle of our species’ achievements. Not just for the ingenuity required, but for the fact that without it, modern life would be unrecognizable.




  • InspirationThere is little that compares to the sense of awe that takes hold as we raise our eyes to the night sky.Despite the fact that millions of people would love to experience space, fewer than 600 have been given that opportunity. And despite there being a common understanding of the benefits of space-based research, there are still few scientists who have the chance to reap its benefits.  It was this that inspired the creation of Virgin Galactic.




Virgin Galactic operates the reusable SpaceShipTwo spaceflight system. This consists of WhiteKnightTwo, a custom-built, carrier aircraft, and SpaceShipTwo, the world’s first passenger carrying spaceship to be built by a private company and operated in commercial service.

The first Virgin Galactic spaceship to enter service is VSS Unity. Built by The Spaceship Company, Unity and her sister spaceships will, for the first time, offer everyone the opportunity to become private astronauts and experience the wonder of space for themselves. Our spaceships will also offer the research community a unique platform for space-based science.





We are at the vanguard of a new industry, pioneering the next generation of reusable space vehicles. We aim to transform the current cost, safety and environmental impact of space-launch.

In doing so we are helping to create, for the first time, a basic space access infrastructure that will act as an enabler for scientists and entrepreneurs. It will also provide the catalyst for a new age of space exploration which promises enormous positive potential for life on Earth.





Our first commercial spaceflights will be of an unprecedented frequency, generating the benefits of rapid learning and improvement.

By repeatedly demonstrating high levels of safety, unparalleled customer experience and commercial viability, we will create the conditions for more private sector investment, leading to rapid innovation and expansion.

The resulting economies of scale and competing technologies will lead to further downward pressure on the cost of launch – enabling an ever-increasing number of users with diverse, world-changing applications.




Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

“We are at the vanguard of a new industry determined to pioneer twenty-first century spacecraft, which will open space to everybody — and change the world for good.





George Whitesides, CEO Virgin Galactic

“Space is not only important for the future of transportation, it’s important for the future of imagination.”








What do you think of space travel/ space tourism?

What makes a successful NewSpace startup?


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BE Bold

Boldawards v1

source: BOLD Awards


BOLD Awards recognizes top companies, projects and individuals powering breakthroughs around the world.

Crowdsourcing Week & H-FARM came together to organize the most innovative Awards program. Hosted in Venice, Italy @ H-FARM, this will be a unique awarding event which combines the power of the crowd and the hard work of individuals.
The Awards showcase the best in the world from innovative businesses and individuals with diverse range of industries including Advertising, Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Student Projects, Robots, Crowdfunding, Sustainability, Space Frontier, Blockchain, ICO, AI, Online, Young Achiever. The BOLD winners will be recognized for their achievements by an outstanding panel of judges from leading industries, entrepreneurs and business leaders, media and academics from across 4 continents.

We are aiming to engage more than 10,000 nominees from the public and private sector with only the top 50 being selected to join us in Venice, Italy, on April 5, 2019.


H-farm Techcrunch v1

source: Techcrunch


For 13 years, H-FARM has been the innovation platform that supports the creation of new business models and the digital transformation and education of young people and Italian companies. H-FARM is the most important innovation centre in Europe, established in 2005. A one-of-a-kind hub where Human Factor, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education are combined together. H-FARM has been the first in the world to adopt a model that brings together investments, business consultancy and digitally augmented educational programs all into one place. BOLD Awards will be hosted in the events room and the evening will continue on the terrace together with lots of surprises.

At NewSpace2060, we have entered the EU-Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019 for the Space Frontier Bold Award.

This category is open to any aerospace-related organization who has made a significant contribution using collaborative techniques to advance R&D or developing strategies leading to new technology development and exploitation.  The award will also recognize the lasting benefit created in the aerospace field and legacy of the project resulting from a high level of collaboration which goes beyond delivering the technical aspects of the project.

Nominees will be picked based on the following: Level of Impact 40%, Scalability 30%, Transparency 20%, H-factor 10% (Human & Social).

NewSpace2060 is about engaging NewSpace startups and instead of running a technical competition, I decided to curate a competition that would be open and accessible to all through the medium of haiku and illustration.

It has been an interesting and challenging experience, yet the goal is about space outreach, engaging entrepreneurs and young talent to show case their creative skills.  I believe that NewSpace is open to all and I particularly want to encourage ‘A’ in the discussions of ‘STEAM’ when we discuss space.

EU- Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019 is currently exploring art exhibition opportunities to show case talents from around the world, be it entries from entrepreneurs, children or adults, scientists, non-scientists, anyone interested in the theme of ‘Improving Life on Earth as in Space’, haiku, illustration or space is welcome to enter.

Supporters of the EU- Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019 are invited to support us for the Space Frontier Bold Awards here.


Written by Helen Tung
Emergent Tech Advisor/MINERVA Fellow, EU- Japan Centre
Creative Convenor, EU-Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019


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Presence v1



Presence – a state of being or existence.  Existing, or is present in a place but is not seen.

Presence – is something I have thought much about when it comes to us as individuals, as human beings and even as souls.

Presence – is about being in the present moment, paying attention to those that are speaking to us.

Presence – is when someone walks into the room, and they glow and command the audience’s attention naturally, with ease and delight.

Why is presence important?

Have you ever noticed that people with presence work with ease?

Having entered different worlds and industries from law to space, from art to engineering, I have noticed people of presence speak little, express little, because they don’t need to signal that they are physically there.

Naturally, those around them, give them space, and perhaps more accurately they give others space, and people naturally go towards them because they are curious, impressed and eager to hear what they say.

I am not speaking of people with titles.  I am not referring to people with labels such as CEO as such.  I am referring to a kind of presence, an aura as some others would call it, that makes it clear they are people worth paying attention to.

Of the 30 or so years of my life, and despite having attended many events, there are only a few people whom I have felt really commanded this kind of presence.  Why?




Is it something you can train for?

Is this something someone is born with?

I think it is the latter.  I remember attending an annual law conference and I spoke to a fellow lawyer about intuition.  They asked me, ‘What kind of qualifications does one need for that?’  My response was quite direct, ‘I don’t think you can train for that.’  I think intuition is a bit like ants with antennas.  They sense things which guide them in the right direction, or at least the direction that they need to go.

I think presence is like an invisible pull like a magnetic field which pulls us in certain directions.  Why does this matter?

aResearchnet v1

source: Research Gate


In the world of entrepreneurs, I have noticed with certain key individuals the discussion of nurture or nature become somewhat more important.

Why?  Because we are curious about what makes people successful.  We are curious, when given the same conditions, education, opportunity some do well, some do really well and some just break world records.  With the same ingredients, why did some become a third- hand kitchen assistant and the other became a Michelin star chef?

Choice?  Why of course choice does have a play here, some choose to become third place whilst others strive for the top stop every time.  So success is difficult to define then, isn’t it?




How we present ourselves, may not always be who we really are.  The two words I have been presented most since being in Japan is honne and tatemae.

A simple way to describe honne is like our inner thoughts, hidden and rarely expressed views to the public save for close friends, which often may include views opposite to that of society.  Whilst tatemae is presenting our outward self, behaving as society expects, depending on one’s position and circumstances.

This high context culture, vs low context culture, reminds me of many analogies though is somewhat like navigating across an ocean and trying to reach safe harbors.


Lewis model v1

 Lewis Model   source:


Perhaps presence, as described above, applies Universally.  Though perhaps more significantly silence is greatly valued, or so I have been told.  In meetings, imagine sipping tea and appreciating each others silence and presence, building trust through the gap.

Whilst in the West, if one were to have a meeting, such silence could be interpreted as misunderstanding, disinterest and a lack of connection.  Perhaps the same could be said about eye contact.

Someone once told me to look between the eyes, but not directly in the eyes as it is considered confrontational.  In the west, it is considered rude not to look one in the eye.  In fact, some may go as far as saying, one would trust another by how they would look them in the eyes.  And of course by how strong the handshake is.

For the few months in Japan, I could count the number of handshakes literally on one hand.  Whilst bowing is really more of an art than science and the levels of the bow.  The bow is so natural and measured as to one’s relationship with whom one is interacting with.

atrue japan v1



A lowered bow to a more senior colleague and a shallow bow for those that are leading.  At times it could be a ceremonial experience.  Over the New Year when people return back to the office, the bow is formalised and feels so natural.

Paying attention to this subtle, and at times not so subtle nuanced differences in what is appreciated in terms of formality, I have come to appreciate presence more.

That silence in meetings is a virtue,  that silence in meetings allows the thoughts to crystalise and for a kind of bonding and understanding as such.



Written by Helen Tung
Emergent Tech Advisor/MINERVA Fellow
EU- Japan Centre
#presence #NewSpace2060  @EUJapanCentre
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What makes SpaceBD successful? v1



CEO and Co-Founder, Masatoshi Nagasaki leads SpaceBD and his team and they aim to accelerate the industrialisation of space through three offerings:

  • One stop satellite launch service
  • Import/Export of space hardware and components and
  • ISS Internal/External Experimental platform service and here’s why SpaceBD is successful

spacebd v2



1. Umbrella approach

SpaceBD runs a ‘Space for Space’ as a one-stop portal site that provides solutions and information on space projects including satellite launch and space utilisation.  These include:

space for space v3


2. Business Guide and added value

SpaceBD‘s offering covers the ground for a NewSpace startup quite sufficiently.  If one was to look at their ‘other’ service it covers:

  • New Business Development
  • Project Management Support
  • Global Expansion Support
  • Others spacebd v1


3.  Sense of partnership

Whilst not state explicity, when one reads their mission:

‘We provide the perfect opportunity to utilise space that’s catered to our customer’s needs, such as project concept, schedule and cost’, it makes one thing that this is an advisor from cradle to grave, which most possibly gives comfort to most startups.

Their services sums it up:

‘To become a one-stop shop to respond to all issues related to industriali(s)tion of businesses that are developing new technologies.’

spacebd v4


4.  Mission

Lowering the barrier to access space is probably one of the top priories needed in NewSpace and SpaceBD is doing exactly that.  SpaceBD is focusing on lower earth orbit and is open to all kinds of services and partnership opportunities.

space bd v5.png



What makes a great leader/entrepreneur?

What makes a successful NewSpace startup?

Got an idea and would like to contribute to the NewSpace blog?



Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/ MINERVA fellow- Space Applications & GNSS, EU – Japan Centre

Creative Convenor, EU-Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019


#SpaceBD  #NewSpace2060 @EUJapanCentre