source:   Presence – a state of being or existence.  Existing, or is present in a place but is not seen. Presence – is something I have thought much about when it comes to us as individuals, as human beings and even as souls. Presence – is about being in the present moment, paying attention to those that are speaking to us. Presence – is when someone walks into the room, and they glow and command the audience’s attention naturally, with ease and delight. Why is presence important? Have you ever noticed that people with presence work with ease? … Continue reading Presence

EU- Japan Trade creating history as the largest free trade deal and implications on NewSpace

source:   1 February 2019 would be a moment in history in the world’s trade economy.  The free trade agreement between Japan and EU entered into force impacting on 635 million people and almost one-third of the world’s economy. Considered the world’s largest free trade agreement, the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement opens doors in almost all sectors from agriculture to industrial products, from services to procurement. Japan is the EU’s second largest trading partner in Asia and EU businesses export €58 billion in goods and €28 billion in services to Japan every year. This is anticipated to grow by 13 … Continue reading EU- Japan Trade creating history as the largest free trade deal and implications on NewSpace

What makes Infostellar successful?

source: Infostellar, founded by Naomi Kurahara is one of those NewSpace startups that I truly respect.  Infostellar is very much values-based and about its people.  Their focus is very much on the talents of their people and also utilising their talents to tackle complex problems.  Everyone is an active player in the team.  Their focus is on team integrity and in working together to tackle the challenges they are facing.  According to Forbes, Infostellar wants to build a worldwide ground station network with the aim of sharing antennas on a global platform.  With more and more satellite launches, CEO … Continue reading What makes Infostellar successful?

Japan’s NewSpace Research Centre

Have you ever thought we could bring space to earth? What if you could work in a space ship? Better yet, design it?  Be part of it? In an article Marvel at The Plans for Japan’s Futuristic New Research Centre by Evan Gough of Universe Today it seems to contain all of the above. The building will be part of the Avatar xspace research campus in Kyushu and is designed by Clouds Architecture Office, a New Year form whom also developed NASA’s Mars Ice House.   source: AvatarX   Design in the shape of a crater, and elevated by steel … Continue reading Japan’s NewSpace Research Centre

ICHARM International Centre for Water Hazard

source: Introduction The International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM) is under the auspices of UNESCO.  Led by Prof. Toshio Koike, ICHARM conducts research and teaches courses on a broad field related to water disaster management.   Thinking beyond floods, mudflows or landslides, ICHARM also focuses on water related disasters, also also natural events like tsunamis that could have devasting effects on the livelihoods of people affected by such events. Due to Japan’s geographical location and experience with natural disasters, Japan seems to be in one of the best positions to lead the issues of disaster management and … Continue reading ICHARM International Centre for Water Hazard

Visiting Tsukuba

source: wikipedia   I took the early morning train, then bus and made my way to JAXA Tsukuba.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect- the bus was rather empty but I was pretty sure people on the bus were either heading for the University or for Tsukuba. Before I went I had a few people say to me, there is not much to see, and it mainly has research centres.  A quick research on Tsukuba led me to understand that indeed there are many research centres in fact there is a whole Tsukuba Science network.   There is a … Continue reading Visiting Tsukuba

Understanding NewSpace

source: SpaceNews   Exploring NewSpace in Japan is like trying to define a horse as Socrates did attempt to do so thousands of years ago. Unable to see, if one touches the tail, they may describe it as soft and long, if they touch the ears, they may say it is circular with a tip, if one touches the body, then they may describe the width and warmth. Over the last few weeks, I had the chance to speak to a number of stakeholders in NewSpace from the startups themselves, to key policymakers, law professors, academics and common to research, … Continue reading Understanding NewSpace