Space Tourism – Virgin Galactic

source: Virgin Galactic Space travel.  Space tourism.  It has been on the news and on peoples minds more recently.  And we are getting closer by the day. Imagine traveling to space like you would travel to New York Beijing, Tokyo or Sydney? So who would you fly with? Virgin Galactic If you were to look… Continue reading Space Tourism – Virgin Galactic

Future of space travel in Nagoya

source: PDAerospace   I was on the train and the countryside seemed to stretch miles away. Where I am travelling to only a few hours away from Tokyo, but in every sense of the word, it is a different place – countryside, small corner shops, temples and shrines, but most importantly one notices the sense… Continue reading Future of space travel in Nagoya

Exploring Space, Exploring Astrax

  source: Most entrepreneurs that I meet in NewSpace are talented, enthusiastic and energic people  There are few that I would say really are at the peak of that mountain of entrepreneurs and here is where I would like to introduce Taichi Yamazaki, CEO and Founder of Astrax. For the people and by the… Continue reading Exploring Space, Exploring Astrax