Hero’s Journey – European Space Agency Business Incubation Tour (ESA BIC)

What do you value? And what would you pay to make it happen? The European Space Agency Business Incubation Tour – took an interesting extension and it was what I had wanted to call for – A Hero’s Tour. Some of you know that a Hero’s Journey, a term I learnt at Singularity University, is… Continue reading Hero’s Journey – European Space Agency Business Incubation Tour (ESA BIC)

International Aeronautical Federation Spring Meeting

Landing in Paris, I was surprised to see cherry blossoms lining along the streets. Charles de Gaulle was busy as usual, if not even busier. It started off with parallel meetings at the International Academy of Astronautics catching up on meetings and the latest developments over the year. Running parallel across the river was the… Continue reading International Aeronautical Federation Spring Meeting

Space safety/Space Traffic Management programs

source: spacenews.com   According to Aerospace corporation, “Space traffic management is the classification of services designed to help satellite operators avoid physical or operational conflicts. Commercial, civil, academic, and international entities all contribute to the development of procedures to ensure universal spaceflight safety by creating actionable predictions, early warnings, and sound avoidance maneuvers.” The implementation… Continue reading Space safety/Space Traffic Management programs

Japan Space Forum

source: jsforum.or.jp   Japan Space Forum (JSF) was established to coordinate an alliance of industry, government, and academia for the development of Japan’s aerospace industry. JSF operates under policies established by the Japanese government and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) while providing support for research proposals and implementing programs designed to educate and enlighten… Continue reading Japan Space Forum


In late November 2018 the European Commission, European and national authorities together with the industry adopted the Amsterdam declaration to advance safe, secure and green drone operations in Europe. The declaration focuses on smart mobility solutions that integrate aviation in wider transport policies.  These solutions should also support automated drone operations over longer distances. The Commission and… Continue reading Drones