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Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, the trick is to find your own style. There is no right and wrong, but what feels right to you. In the age of technology, see how Millennials lead, how we are driven by social media, influencers and factors that in all honesty are hard to follow – and come by.

If we refer to inner wisdom, which may come from our ancestors, DNA, our experiences, what we are taught and/or have studied we’ll find that we have most if not all of the deeper answers – within us. That is especially true, for those of us, wishing to strive for a different path, a path least travelled and a mission only we can understand truly what it means.

The year of COVID19 has brought us to our sense that we cannot behave, do, think and work the way we use to. Living and working at home is the norm; remote working is now also a norm; social distancing, webinars and tele-commuting, online conferencing are all part and parcel of our New World.

If we were to resist, it would be to our detriment because what we are trying to hold onto no longer serves us. Without drawing upon theories too much, things happen for a reason, and if we were to just sit still we’ll see the answers to our questions arise. The Universe has spoken.

There is a collective consciousness, awaiting to be awakened. If we were to just allow ourselves to sit and breathe. To focus our mind on what really matters, the path or road in this journey because alot clearer. There are and were too many distractions in the past, that lead us astray. We think we are heading in the right direction, yet we were totally wrong. COVID19 has proven that air pollution happens to go down, thanks to less humans traveling. When dolphins return to Venice, it is not by a miracle, rather it was because of no human disturbance to the waters. When we take a step back, nature steps up. Nature provides solutions, options, sustainability and gifts to humanity if we just open our eyes and accept reality as it is.

The year of 2020 is a reminder of just how vulnerable we are as humans. We do not live in a castle and neither are we living on an island, everything is interconnected and if we count strength by numbers, notice, just notice how we project our imagery, emotions, energy towards others and ourselves.

For those more conscious, you will be aware of your own insecurities, how you project such feelings and emotions because 2020 is a testing year – physically, emotionally, psychologically – you name it. The strongest will have felt no strength, the weakest may feel even weaker, and like a muscle we have to break it down to build it up. Like a good detox, the opportunity has arisen for us to let go of what that no longer serves us. Bad habits, behaviors, values, roles and masks that we display. When we become authentic, vulnerable and true to ourselves, our real calling arises and allows us to see our real mission in life. What is yours? Get the kettle going, because you may want to start with a cup of tea.

I share with you some talks I have done recently, with a view of inspiring and as a bouncing board for further exploration of our ideas and aspirations. Enjoy!

Living on the Moon 2060 – TEDxRoma

source: Living on the Moon 2020 TedxRoma

Law, Ethics of AI, Robotics & Emergent Technologies – Robotex 2018

source: Robotex

Liability concerns of Autonomous MachinesRise of AI, Berlin 2018

source: Rise of AI, Germany

Precision Farming – Air and Space Law Committee – International Bar Association Conference 2017

source: IBA

Speaking on Precision farming – Satellites, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and Space Apps Speaker: Helen Tung, Legal Futurist PowerPoint: Istvan Arnocz, CEO, Space Apps and Helen Tung, Legal Futurist

Private Maritime Security Companies, Unmanned maritime systems, piracy and cybersecurity – Asian Society of International Law, Seoul (AsianIL), 2017

source: ASIL

Helen Tung, Legal Futurist speaks at the Asian Society of International Law (AsianIL) Annual conference August 2017 on Private Maritime Security Companies, Unmanned maritime systems, piracy and cyber security

AI, Law and Ethics @ Intel Dev Fest, 2017

source: Intel

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